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Milano Design Week 2019

Explosions of color emotions to release all positive energies. New projects always in progress, take shape to break the rhythms of the monotony of everyday life.

White light and the transparency of glass are involved in an explosion of centripetal forces, where lines and geometric shapes are synthesized in a kaleidoscope of colors. Sunlight breaks through a transparent glass surface, generating an infinite range of shades.

The phenomenon of the dispersion of light takes shape, through a rainbow of colored glass blades, the surfaces reflect the surrounding space evoking an exciting perception of nuance.

The shades of glass transform the real vision, creating an alternative scenario linked to the emotional and sensorial sphere. The harmonic vibrations perceived by the different wavelengths, make it possible to personalize a different experience, to escape the monotony of everyday life.

On a black stage they recite pure glass volumes. Experience containers, libraries, define the convivial space. A long table of transparent glass fills the scene, surrounded by a palette of colored seats. The harmony of an open-air room becomes a place of stories, encounters and imagination.

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