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Founded in 2003, SANTAMBROGIOMILANO is a design company that works with glass, the magical element. Our collection born in 2004 with the first all-glass kitchen (designed by Ennio Arosio), has over the years high competences in terms of design and production process.

Actually, we are able to achieve 100% transparent architectures and provide a vision of life based on transparency 360°. In a word, Simpli-CITY: all glass design and architecture.

For these reasons and in particular thanks to transparency singularity, our collection can be inserted in every area (home, office, outdoor and public space) without interfering with elements around. In few words: everything can be customized, according to the space, in terms of sizes as client request.





Public Spaces



We want to satisfy consumer’s needs, wants and desires. We help people to live in a better place that permits to dream every single day of their life. We want to be on the same wavelength of society’s changes and innovations. Last but not least, we want to live in a better world using 100% recyclable materials and products 100% Made In Italy. 

Glass roof


Thanks to a continuous research and testing, glass is declined in different colours and surfaces to achieve the maximum personalization. In fact, as we have already mentioned, we are able to satisfy clients request. Moreover, a careful control of the whole production process guarantees the highest quality of our pieces of design. 

Glass production
Glass production
Glass production


2003: Presentation of the project Simpli-CITY

2004: The first all-glass kitchen, made entirely on transparent glass, designed by Ennio Arosio

2008: The Simpli-CITY collection becomes architecture

2010: The first glass house made entirely of glass

2013: The largest glass table made in a unique single piece. We have the capacity to make projects with glass panel size 10mt x 3.2mt in a unique single piece.

2016: Above the roofs of Milan, on a large roof-top, we create La Terrazza where clients can live an unbelievable customer experience.

2022: The birth of THE SCENT OF GLASS.

2023: 20 years of design with the glass.

>>> If you would like to know any further information about our tailor-made projects, please see the dedicated part of the official website “On demand”.


Glass is solid and consistent and has the quality to not rise to the lapse of time, unlike other materials. Transparent, light and sustainability permit the glass to be the preferred material by contemporary architecture for in-door and out-door projects.

It is a sustainable material 100% recyclable. Glass can be actually considered as a symbol of a news architectural trend that, in the last twenty years, started giving new shape and image to our cities. Regarding this, our vision of the Italian design is based on technological innovation, style research and environmental awareness. Our vocation for innovation is also expressed in our continuous search for new solutions to improve our environmental quality standards through the use of glass as totally recyclable material process and to our unique identity, we are actually international orientation.

Glass production


Two main topics are fundamental for us:

  1. 100% RECYCLABLE

  2. 100% MADE IN ITALY

These important features permit us to be on the same wavelength of society’s needs and desires.

In fact, glass is a sustainable material 100% recyclable. According to our philosophy and values, improving people’s comfort also means respecting the richness and uniqueness of our planet. As these two aspects are closely connected, all our projects are conceived and realised with respect for the environment. For this reason for us it is extremely important to reduce to minimum the materials used and consider their impact with the environment. Our packaging systems are also environmentally friendly, with reduced environmental impact. Thanks to the high technological standards of our production process and to our coherent and unique identity, Santambrogiomilano is today a 100% Made In Italy business with a strong international orientation.

Glass production

CONTACT     Tel: +39 02-76020788

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