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White glass, the uncovered shelf, practicable, follows the ending of the building. The terrace overlooks the three hundred and sixty degrees vision. The surprised eye investigates, managing to recognize and immediately distinguish the point of references. The light of day articulates and pets the architecture. The lights, at night, underlie this trend. Santambrogiomilano, inaugurate, en plain air, the natural evolution of the project Simplicity. When emblematic, from time to time, since the start of the activity, there already are the solutions appearing at the stages in the Showroom of Via Francesco Sforza, in close relationship with the exterior atmosphere, almost creating an impression of dimensions with no solution of continuity. The terrace however, goes well above that impression, it actually realizes the full integration of the glass material, that in fact becomes part of the urban architectural context. Theatre and scene of events, all year, starting from the days of the Salone del Mobile 2016. Occasion in the occasion, fulcrum of meetings. “A house, writes Frank Lloyd Wright, never has to be on a hill or on any other thing. It has to belong to the hill, in other that the hill and house can live together, both happier thanks to the other”. In this case, Santambrogiomilano “ The terrace that has today become the habitat of transparency that enhances the fascinating seasons, of the city that gives name to places, symbol of design and fashion in the world.

Decio G. R. Carugati


The emotion you feel seeing the beauty of the city from the rooftop is unspeakable. You don't need a magnifying glass to see things better: just look at reality from a different perspective. We look at it through a glass that illuminates and makes every part of the landscape special. 

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