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Santambrogio|Milano is a glass design company that combines Italian craftsmanship with sustainable innovation. Their bespoke solutions create elegant and transparent architectural spaces.


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Thickness is our signature. It defines our designs, adding refinement and substance. Each piece celebrates glass's purity and strength, free from frames, allowing its beauty to shine.

Our collections are fully customizable, allowing for personalized dimensions and colors while preserving a distinctive and elegant look. Each design can be tailored to reflect your unique preferences without compromising its signature style.

Pure Italian craftsmanship. Entirely Made in Italy, our designs blend advanced technology with artisanal skill, embodying superior quality and timeless elegance.

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Carlo Santambrogio, born in Milan in 1969, graduated in Architecture from the Politecnico di Milano in 1996. He founded Santambrogiomilano in 2003, specializing in all-glass design furniture and architectural structures. In 2004, he launched the Simplicity project, a minimalist glass furniture line reflecting his belief that design is a means to rethink our way of living. By 2008, Santambrogio expanded Simplicity into architecture, creating transparent structures that enhance their surroundings like a frame highlighting its content.

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